Services Include

International Capabilities

We have been conducting field research internationally for almost ten years now. Since Focus World International, Inc. is one of the pioneers of field research abroad, your company can avoid the grief of conducting research internationally without proper knowledge. To successfully accomplish quality field research abroad, it requires years of experience and we’ve done that for you.

The network of researchers that we have accumulated is unsurpassed by any field research company. This is accomplished by selectively screening whom we chose to include in our group of trained field representatives. We have also chosen to have one central location in Europe to conduct all the interviewing.

In order to keep our prices competitive; we found researchers in many countries that would be able to understand the dialects, the nuances of the respective cultural differences, and other such intangible variables that could affect research adversely. They are trained and briefed on each separate project utilizing the guidelines set for the by the Marketing Research Association in America.

Our European office, located at Rue Parmentier, Paris France, sends a site supervisor to the targeted area to oversee operations. We use this as a true method of quality assurance. We may sometimes use other European vendors when the magnitude to the study supercedes our own workforce. Again a site supervisor is sent to the targeted area. We also require our office to submit validations nightly for us internally. This again guarantees that there is no absentee management.

Focus World International is limitless in the services it can offer.